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Experts Predict More Severe Heat in NH. Where Does That Leave Vulnerable Populations? 

As 90-degree summer heat hangs over Manchester, residents do their best to stay cool. In one window, a fleece red-and-white holiday blanket hangs to block out the sun. In another, socks are crammed into the window gaps to prevent any AC air from leaking out.

Wetlands in New Hampshire After the Supreme Court Ruling | Opinion

The “Sackett Case” challenged the authority of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers (which jointly administer the part of the Clean Water Act that regulates wetland dredging and filling) over the denial by the EPA of the Sacketts’ permission to fill in a wetland lot adjacent to a lake in Idaho.

Wildfire Smoke Can Harm Human Health, Even When the Fire Is Hundreds of Miles Away – A Toxicologist Explains Why

Smoke from more than 100 wildfires burning across Canada has been rolling into North American cities far from the flames. New York City and Detroit were both listed among the five most polluted cities in the world because of the fires on June 7, 2023. The smoke has triggered air quality alerts in several states in recent weeks.